-2lbs pork belly or shoulder
-5 eggs
-5 cloves garlic
-2 green onions
-3 tbs fish sauce
-4 tbs sugar
-1 tbs coconut milk or water
-coconut juice or water
-salt to taste
-bamboo shoots (optional)

What to Do:
Cut pork into small ‘chunks’. Boil and peel eggs. Crush and mince garlic and onions. Boil together coconut milk and sugar until golden brown; add garlic and onions give it a quick stir before adding pork and fish sauce. Lastly, add eggs and coconut juice. Simmer until pork tender add salt to taste. Add bamboo a few mins before serving. Serve with fresh herbs and dưa giá (pickled bean sprouts).

Comments (2)

On 5:22 PM , Unknown said...

One of my soul food dish growing up in Saigon.
Don't see any newer blogs recently, still around?

On 8:15 PM , atra said...

Never heard to use coconut milk before, but I'll try. By the way are you a fan of "bot khai". Do you have a recipes to do banh bao with that. thanks.