-100g rice
-50g glutinous rice
-250g milk or 100g cream
-1 ½ liters water (1.5kg, 1500ml/g >> approximate)
-salt to taste
-300g taro (approximate)
-1 bunch watercress (approximate)

What to Do:
Wash rice and add water. Simmer until rice grains are fine and “dissolved” into a homogenized mixture, add more water if necessary. Meanwhile, cut taro into bite size pieces, wash and cut watercress. Add taro into congee and simmer for 15 mins more before adding in milk. Bring congee back to a boil, add salt to taste. Prepared watercress goes into a bowl, right before the hot congee is ladled in. Serve with meat floss.

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On 5:29 PM , culinary said...

ur congee look so fine and appetizing