-100g ginger
-200g green papaya
-50g sesame seeds
-100g peanuts
-3 tsp salt
-vanilla powder

What to Do:
Toast sesame seeds and peanuts. Peel and grate ginger, mix with salt and enough water to cover the ginger, allow to sit overnight. Next morning wash ginger many times to remove all of the saltiness, drain and squeeze to remove excess water. Peel, seed and grate papaya. Mix together ginger and papaya. Determine the amount of sugar. Mix together sugar, ginger, and papaya. Marinate for a few hours, drain excess liquid. Follow instructions for “wet” version. Add vanilla powder, sesame seeds and peanuts right before candied ginger is done, mix thoroughly. Cool and wrap with cellophane.

The above ration of ginger to papaya is only a suggestion; adjust according to your preference of spiciness (from ginger). Salt helps rid the hot and spicy flavor from the ginger.

Comments (4)

On 10:53 AM , rokh said...

this one seems particularly interesting. YUM. thanks for all the tips

On 1:28 AM , hoangtam/tt said...

sweet in the mouth and warm in the tummy! ;)

On 11:14 AM , Anonymous said...

How do I make it acid according to your wet version for this recipe?

On 4:33 PM , hoangtam/tt said...

to make it "wet version" add an acid to it (i.e. vinegar, lime/lemon juice, alum, cream of tartar ect...) follow the instructions for "wet version" (click on "wet version" link).