-1 can coconut milk
-300-400g pumpkin
-50g lotus seeds
-20g nấm mèo (dried woodear mushrooms)
-100g bột khoai (tapioca strips)
-100g sweet potatoes
-2 plantain bananas (optional)
-50g peanuts
-salt and sugar to taste

What to Do:
Soak woodear mushrooms, lotus seeds and tapioca strips in water until soft, drain water. Cut pumpkin, bananas and sweet potatoes into bite size pieces. In pot boil together pumpkin, potatoes, and lotus seeds until slightly tender, add mushrooms, peanuts and bananas. Cook for 15 mins more, add coconut milk and tapioca strips, and bring stew back to a boil. Add sugar and salt to taste. Although a savory dish, this stew should taste slightly sweet.

Comments (3)

On 4:27 AM , parisian said...

Just discover your blog and think you're just great ,,,read so many recipes on the net but yours is most interesting .I wonder how did you acquire such knowledge about our food ,do you learn also from your cooking class or do research by yourself?you stop writing since 2012 ,hope you keep on posting ,You have a great fan from Paris now!,,,

On 4:33 AM , Parisian said...

Hi h tam,if I remember well we serve this with bun ,and what else? that's it?
My mum used to cook this dish whenever we had dam gio ,and I 've always loved it ,thks for posting it,all my happy memories are in this......

On 1:32 AM , hoangtam/tt said...

Hi Parisian,

you're correct, this dish is usually served with bun or banh mi.