Each ingredient requires special preparation. After the preparations, the steps of turning the ingredient to delicious candy are as follows.

Determining the Amount of Sugar:
After the ingredient has passed the preparation process. Weigh the ingredient to determine the amount of sugar. The amount of sugar is always equal to or 3/4 the weight of the main ingredient(s). Mix in the sugar and let the sugar ‘melt’. Then…..

…For “wet” version:
-always add an acid to keep the sugar from crystallizing
-stir fry over medium-high heat until most of the liquids have evaporated
-reduce heat to medium-low and continue to stir fry until done

…For “dry” version:
-always make sure the main ingredient is non-acidic
-stir fry over medium-high heat until most of the liquids are evaporated
-reduce heat to medium-low and toss (like tossing a salad) until ingredient is dry and coated with a thin layer of sugar

Mứt Bí Tăm (Vietnamese Style Candied Winter Melon)
Mứt Sen Trần (Vietnamese Style Candied Lotus Seeds)
Mứt Dừa (Candied Coconut)
Mứt Rau Câu (Candied Agar Agar)
Mứt Thơm Dẻo (Candied Pineapple)
Mứt Gừng Đậu Phọng (Candied Ginger with Peanuts and Sesame Seeds)

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On 2:03 AM , WendyinKK said...

sorry, but won't it caramelise when u fry it? On a wok?

Your wintermelon strips looks like sun dried, rather than dry fried.

On 11:41 AM , hoangtam/tt said...

not if you do it over low heat.

On 11:30 PM , Annie said...

thanks for this candied winter melon recipe...