-50g agar agar
-2 liters water ( =2kg, ~ 8 cups)
-1500g sugar
-pandan flavor, vanilla powder, mali flavor, strawberry flavor
-food coloring

What to Do:
Boil agar agar in water until dissolved. Add sugar and divide agar agar into 4 portions. Mix each portion with a different color/flavor. Pour into square cake pans to set. Once the agar agar sets; cut into strips (or whatever shape) and dry in a food dehydrator until a thin layer of sugar coats the agar agar strips. Wrap with cellophane.

Keep in mind the agar agar will shrink a bit when dehydrated. Therefore, cut the strips a little bigger than the desired size of the final product. Too much water or too little sugar requires a longer dehydrating time.

Comments (7)

On 8:42 PM , Anonymous said...

TT, if we do not have a food dehydrator, what can we do?

On 1:29 AM , hoangtam/tt said...

use the sun as your dehydrator, or the oven at it's lowest temp.

On 4:08 PM , Anonymous said...

TT, Did you use agar powder or the one on a string form.

On 4:09 PM , Anonymous said...

TT, can i use agar powder?

On 7:14 PM , hoangtam/tt said...

one of the great things about measuring by weight is 25g is 25g no matter what. So, it doesn't matter what form of agar agar you use as long as you use 25g.

On 5:15 PM , Anonymous said...

Is there a way to make this sugarless with sugar substitute. What would the amount of sweetened liquid be to add to the agar?

On 2:55 PM , hoangtam/tt said...

I haven't tried making this without real sugar so I don't know. However, my guess is it probably won't work because you need the sugar to crystallized and i'm not sure if sugar substitute will crystallize the same way real sugar would.