Hello all!  The calendar says Christmas will be here in couple of days...then comes 2011 and then the year of the Cat (I'm Vietnamese...we don't have rabbits in our zodiac, lol!).  Man oh man... how time flies!  I've been so busy lately...to busy to post anything or ever take pictures.  Things are calming down now and I owe it to myself to say hi to everyone out there who still visits.

***Hi, hope you're doing well!***

Seeing the picture above you've probably already figured out what I've been up to, but...it doesn't take 4 months to create a Gingerbread house right?  Or does it? No it doesn't.  The Gingerbread displays were created for Wild Ginger and The Triple Door...where I've been working at since August.  I made the Pagoda (yes, I know it looks like a Church), which is on display at the Triple Door.  The train and the Christmas tree made by my pastry team - Aja and Davona; are on display at Wild Ginger Seattle (train) and Wild Ginger Bellevue (tree).  Come check it out! While you're there why not have dessert made my yours truly?  

Happy Holidays Everyone!