Yes, I know it's been awhile since I've posted anything...

If anyone cares or was wondering...I'm not dead, just busy.

Doing What?

The Maitreya Project brought sacred relics to Chùa Việt Nam (the temple where I volunteer), so we were busy busy busy.

Then it was the Trung Thu aka the Moon Festival. So, it was moon cake making day and night to get orders out.

Handmade Piggies
Boxes Ready to Be Filled
Traditional Mixed Nuts Mooncake

Vietnamese Ping Pei Mooncakes

Print Cakes

Theochew Pia Pastries

With the moon festival behind me it was time to enter the Puyallup Fair's Professional Fresh Floral Design Competition. I entered 8 designs and won ribbons for 7 of them, and one best in show. Here they are....

1st place, Class 1860 Design of Chrysanthemums & best in show:

1st place, class 1862 Design of Gladiolus:

1st place, class 1864 Design of mixed flowers, wholesale value over $30:

1st place, class 1865 Basket Design:

2nd place, Class 1863 Design of mixed flowers, wholesale value under $30:

2nd place, Class 1868 Novelty design using a container other than a vase or basket:

3rd place, Class 1871 Fresh wedding bouquet:

What's next? ...a few days off then it's back to school for 2 more quarters and I'll be done! and a new chapter opens in my life. Time flies eh? ;)