-food coloring/flavorings (optional)

What to Do:
Crack coconut in half and toast in the oven at 450’f for about 15-20 mins, until the flesh starts to peel away from the hard shell. Remove the coconut flesh. Using a vegetable peeler or a knife ‘peel’ away any brown skin from the flesh. Use a vegetable peeler to ‘slice’ the coconut in to thin long strips (turn the coconut as you shave the flesh with a veggie peeler). Weigh the coconut to determine the amount of sugar, the amount of sugar should be ½ weight of coconut. Mix together coconut and sugar, add colors and flavors if desired. Follow instructions for ‘dry version’ to complete the recipe.

Coconuts are sold in 3 different “ages”. Young coconut = very little and soft flesh, sweet juice, usually used for drinking. “Old” = the hard dark brown ones, thick and firm flesh, usually. “Middle age” = looks like “old” coconuts except the color is much lighter (with to very light brown). For best results use “middle age” coconuts.

Comments (4)

On 9:43 AM , Little Corner of Mine said...

This is one of my hubby favorite CNY snacks. I can't believe it's actually pretty easy to do it at home.

I think the hard part in the U.S. is finding a middle age coconut!

All your candies look delicious by the way!

On 1:26 AM , hoangtam/tt said...

you can probably find middle age coconuts at any vietnamese grocery store at this time of the year. Ask them for "Dừa rám". :)

On 1:11 AM , Stephanie said...

Oh I love these! I remember the first time I ate it as a child. My uncle brought back a bag and I consumed the lot in a day. I am definitely going to try this - thanks for posting this!

On 9:26 PM , WendyinKK said...


Thanks for sharing this. I tried making this with palm sugar,and it turned out well.