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Five facts about Me:

....I'm going to let my visitors decide what they would like to know about me. So here's your chance! Post your questions about me as a comment below and I will answer the first 5.

First Question:
Oh goody... I get to post a question... Let´s see.. Hmm... oh yes, i have one. How come I no longer see u in NK?! :)
>>The truth is I don't like you! Just kidding! ;P I've just been busy 'adjusting' to things. As you probably know, I recently graduated, traveled, then started culinary school. But everything is finally falling into its place, I'll be back in NK soon. :)

Question 2:
How old am I?
>>old enough.....:D I'm 22.

Question 3:
Who has been eating all the good stuff that you've been churning out?
>>They go to family and friends and sometimes...the trash can.

Question 4:
Do you ever consider become a TV chef or open your own catering business/ restaurants? Food network is dumped with French and Intalian cusine, and their food is not as attractive (to me) as ones you bring to the table.
>>Me? a TV chef? Honestly, I can't say that I haven't thought about it. BUT I think the chances are pretty low. Mainly because my philosophy/style in the kitchen is very low key, low profile. It seems like America is thirsty for seeing Vietnamese food or "Asian" food (whatever that is) as something that's sacred, complex and mystical. I have yet to see any Vietnamese cookbook written in english that isn't cashing in on that thirst by sugar coating and glorifying everything. I just can't do that and since I can't do that. I probably won't sell very well thus probably will never make it onto TV...which is fine for me since my passion is to be in the kitchen anyways. ;)

Question 5:
where do you get the original recipe from? What the average attempts for the food?
>>I get recipes the same way people have been getting for thousands of years. I learn from my elders, most of my recipes start out as ones passed down to me from my family, and family friends. I discovered cooking has become a lost art and most people are more than happy to pass down a traditional family recipe just for the sake of keeping it alive. It usually takes me about 2 tries (but sometimes up to 20) to get satisfactory results from a recipe.

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