For the Pastry (Pau Skin):
*Use basic pau skin recipe, reduce baking powder to 1 tsp.

Coconut Custard Filling:
-2 whole eggs (approx. 100g)
-1 tbs cake flour
-1 tbs custard powder (can replace with cornstarch and some yellow coloring)
-190g coconut milk/cream
-4 tbs sugar (adjustable)
-2 drops pandan essence
-1 tsp vanilla
-pinch salt

*Beat together eggs with flour, salt, custard powder and sugar until smooth; add coconut milk. Using a whisk constantly stir the mixture over high heat until custard thickens. Add pandan essence, and vanilla. Whisk vigorously to achieve a smooth texture, cool before using.

Making the Paus:
Divide dough into 12-15 portions, shape into round balls. Roll flat and add 1 ½ tsp custard in the center. Fold sides together and pinch edges together to seal in filling. Dot with some red coloring and steam for 15 mins, lift lid to let excess seam escape every 5-8 mins.

Comments (4)

On 11:01 PM , Phuong said...

Hi, just wanted to say good website. I have never seen a website that have both Vietnamese recipes and pictures. Pictures really helped me to decide what to make, b/c there are so many recipes I haven't tried. Keep on baking and cooking!!

On 1:31 AM , hoangtam/tt said...

Phương or Phượng? :D

Thanks for stoping by, hope you enjoy the recipes as much as I have.

On 7:48 AM , Sandy said...

Hi, I have a question regarding the custard. It's velvety at first, but once the dumpling finished steaming, the custard becomes the consistency of scrambled eggs. Is there anyway to avoid overcooking the custard filling during the steaming of the dumplings?

On 1:26 AM , hoangtam/tt said...


I'm guessing you probably didn't cook your custard long enough the first time.

The key is to fully cook the custard the first time (it gets very thick). Stirring the custard while it cooks will ensure it's nice and smooth. If the custard is fully cooked before steaming it will not curdle (cook some more) when you steam the paus causing the scrambled egg texture you're referring to.