In case any frequent visitors are wondering what happened to me and why I haven’t been posting anything over the past month…..the reason is I’ve been busy with rehearsals and nightly productions of Tommy; a rock musical put on by undergrad UW Drama majors. As a result, I usually don’t get home until at least 10pm each night. Everyone knows I’m also a full time college student by day right? Aside from my “school activities”, wedding season is starting to kick up. Thus, any spare time I can manage to salvage is spent meeting with soon to be wed couples. As you can see my April is very densely booked and I’m just not able to post as often as I anticipated. I’ll be happy to answer any questions/comments but have no time to post any recipe requests or any experiments…which I have been itching to dive into. To anyone who thinks I’m dead or something…, I’m not just busy. :D That’s it for now see y’all next month…..later.