-Roasted seaweed sheets (the kind used to make sushi)
-300g bread crumbs
-50g dried bean curd sheets
-100g gluten flour
-salt taste
-water or vegetable broth

What to Do:
Soak bean curd sheets in hot water for a few mins or until soft and pliable, shred into small pieces. Mix together bread crumbs, bean curd, and gluten flour. Add vegetable broth slowly to form a dough. Line a flat surface with a piece for plastic wrap top with a layer of seaweed. Add dough and tightly wrap into the shape of a log. Steam for 30-40 mins. Cool and use to cook various dishes.

***Because my vegetarian dishes are prepared with “Buddhist Laws” in mind; besides not using meats and animal products, I do not use garlic, onions, leeks, chives, or any type of alcohol. However, if your main goal in being vegan cooking is to just avoid meats, feel free to add the any of the mentioned above to spice up you dishes.***

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On 3:31 PM , Anonymous said...

I was thrilled when I stumbled your sites. Especially the vegetarian dished, because my whole family are all vegetarian; now I can show off your dished to them. Love all your desserts. Thanks!