I'm done! C.O.D. went great. I scored a 94/100. Good enough....lol

here it is....


Pain au Levain with Bacon Roasted Garlic
-Natural French Style Sourdough with Garlic Roasted in Bacon Drippings-
A sourdough bread leavened by two natural yeast starters. Garlic roasted with homemade bacon is added to the final dough for roundness and balance.

Rendang Bouchees
-Puff Pastry Shells filled with Malaysian Style Beef Curry and Pickled Vegetables -
French viennoiserie meets Malaysian cookery. In this style of curry, meat is cooked slowly in coconut milk until the milk renders oil. Like confit, the oil preserves and contributes unique flavors to the meat. Acar - pickled vegetables add lightness and balanced to the curry.

Phoenix Tart
-Roasted Pineapple with Lime Mascarpone, Pistachio, and Oranges marinated in Spiced Merlot-
In mythology, the Phoenix is a firebird that is born from its own ashes. In this tart, the bottom layer of roasted pineapple and the top layer of oranges represent fire; death and rebirth. The lime mascarpone represents the Phoenix’s soul, pure and bright, untainted by the burning fires.

Quan Yin Cake
-Black Sesame Sponge Cake with Soursop coulis, Coconut and Mango Mousse-
Quan Yin is the Buddhist goddess of Mercy. The Vietnamese names for the fruits used in this cake translate to “Granted Wishes”. This cake is a symbol of Quan Yin’s gift to living beings.

Show Time
-Pear and Kumquat Mousse with Chocolate Sauce, Coconut Loveletters, Cirrus Cheese and Kumquat Cocktail-
The world of drama and pastry are very much alike. In a recipe or a play there are ingredients/actors, method/plot, and an audience. In both worlds props, costumes, sound and lighting all contribute into the audience’s perception and enjoyment. The show begins with Kumquat sauce leading to an explosion, where pear mousse is revealed. Chocolate sauce gives the mousse a unexpected twist. Cirrus, a local camembert cheese from Mt. Townsend Creamery creates a turning point as it mirrors the mousse’s creaminess. The performance is wrapped up with a kumquat cocktail, made with homemade rice wine.

Passion After Dark
-Dark Chocolate with Black Tea Ganache, Passion fruit and Pomelo Flower-
Passion…fruit and Pomelo flower unveils itself in black tea ganache after the dark chocolate and melts away leaving a lasting impression. The Chinese characters on the candies spell “east, west and prosperity”. Together, they symbolize harmony between the east and the west; bring prosperity to one another.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has supported me over the years. ;D I couldn't have done this without you. Thank you, thank you, and thank you.

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On 5:02 AM , lilyng said...


good job and congrats.

On 10:31 PM , Anh said...

Congrats my friend! I have been busy with work and study so no time to follow my fav blogs. I am really happy for you!!!

On 5:39 PM , Anonymous said...

Your score is better than good. Everything looks delicious. Congrats!

On 10:37 PM , Liz Nguyen, Southern California fan said...


Congratulations on your C.O.D. I have been following your blog online ever since I was looking for the recipe for "da ua," about 2 years ago. Your work is very inspirational and I'm looking forward to your work in the future!

On 9:32 AM , tina said...


Fantastic job and even more fantastic results. I am so happy for you!

On 8:42 AM , rokh said...

congratulations! certainly a feast i am willing to pay to try! :D

On 9:34 PM , javapot said...

Congratulations, well done!! _K

On 8:09 PM , Yenly said...

Congrats.I am a fan of your blog.I love your blog 'cause of your love to the food and especially Vietnamese food. I wonder if you know the recipe of the Vietnamese Banh Mi. I have been searching for it without luck.
Kind regards,

On 1:10 PM , Kitchenaid said...

Chúc mừng em nghen -

On 10:48 AM , Nhan said...

Congratulations! I wanted to also thank you for sharing your love of Vietnamese food and giving our community some visibility. Vietnamese food deserves its seat at the world table.

On 1:13 PM , Beau Lotus said...

They looked really beautiful and delicious, what wonderful east meets west ideas too, FELICITATIONS!

What are you moving on to next?

On 3:32 PM , Registry said...

Great post! Congrats!