This is actually a Vietnamese cake but its named after Japan’s Mountain Fuji because the green pandan pastry cream and grated coconut makes in looks the snow covered mountain Fuji.

For the Cake:
Use spongefon cake recipe, and steam in rice bowls. Cool and cut each cake into 3 layers.

Pandan Pastry Cream:
-40g tapioca starch
-80g rice flour
-150-175g sugar
-400g coconut milk
-250g pandan juice or water + pandan extract
-1 tbs butter
-grated coconut

Making the Cream:
Boil together sugar and coconut milk. Meanwhile, dissolve flours with pandan juice. Once coconut boils, add flour mixture in slowly, while whisking constantly. Continue to stir until cream thickens, add butter.

Completing the Cakes:
This process has to be done quickly while the cream is still hot. Using a spoon, sandwich some pastry cream between cake layers. Next, spread on some pastry cream cover the entire cakes, sprinkle grated coconut on top. Cool and serve at room temperature.

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On 2:38 AM , lily said...

wow! my favorite! i hvn't eaten it for such a long time. yummy! but now i can make and enjoy it ( if it is a success,:P i hope so :), thank to ur recipe.