-1 package agar agar powder (25g)
-7 cups water
-2 cups sugar (or to taste)

*Mix together agar agar with water and let rest for ½ hour. Then bring mixture to a boil and add sugar, stir until dissolve. Add coloring and fill into moulds.

*I like my jelly to have a crunchy texture so I use 7 cups water, for softer jelly use 8-9 cups water.
**To add flavor, take out some water and replace with whatever flavor liquid you want. For example for pandan flavor take out 1 cup of water and replace it with 1 cup of pandan juice. What I usually do is boil agar agar with 5 cups of water, add sugar and then divide the mixture in half. Then I’ll add 1 cup of coconut milk in one half and pandan in the other half. The pour layers and you’ll get layered pandan and coconut jelly.
***If you have a “picture mould” like the one in the picture than always add coconut milk or milk into the jelly used to make the designs, or else the jelly will be transparent and the colors will show trough each other.
****Add a little cream of tartar or lemon/lime juice to help keep the colors from bleeding.

-Sounds complicated but it’s actually very easy and fun.

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On 10:39 AM , Anonymous said...

Hi tt,

Got a question - when you make your layered agar agar (whether in your fun mould or just a regular alternate coconut-pandan layers), do you have to wait for that layer to cool completely (i.e. harden) before you pour in the next layer?
Thank you - jcheng

On 1:32 AM , hoangtam/tt said...

you have to let the first layer cool a bit but not completely (harden). Test by lightly tapping the mould, if the surface is slighly set and but still liquid underneath then it's safe to pour on an additional layer. Reason being, if you let the layer cool completely before adding another layer then when you cut the jelly, the layers will all fall a part.

On 4:03 PM , Anonymous said...

Hello TT,




On 5:26 PM , hoangtam/tt said...

if it waters then that means you're using too much water in the recipe or the weather is too hot.

On 9:19 PM , Anonymous said...

If you want to make the layer not being apart when you take them out of the mould, wait for the surface of the first layer harden, then make the next one (***but you wanna make sure that the mixture, now, still hot).

On 2:35 PM , Anonymous said...

How do you keep the color from bleeding?

On 7:14 AM , hoangtam/tt said...

your question has already been answered in the recipe.

On 10:43 AM , Anonymous said...

nah .. you said add a bit of cream of tartar or lemon juice, but didn't state how ... that's the missing key i was looking for

On 10:34 PM , hoangtam/tt said...

the key to this whole site is to encourage people to play with their food... experiment, not to provide step by step instructions. The idea behind this site is to learn and discover not to memorize.

On 9:45 PM , Anonymous said...


I was wondering where you got the goldfish mold at? Do you think I can find it online?


On 7:10 AM , Little Chef - Badooba said...


i was wondering... when u said put coconut milk, can i use food colouring then? to get the look in ur pic? or something of the sort?

On 3:58 PM , hoangtam/tt said...

use coconut milk and coloring.

On 11:03 AM , LyNn said...

thanks for the nice and simple recipe, I've been googling all over for one like this.
just some quick questions. if i use the flavoring extract instead of real pandan juice, how much extract and water should I use to balance it out? thanks so much.

On 6:07 PM , Gina Choong said...

TT, can I use your photo in my website? Basically I sell this mould in my shop and I would like to show the full effects of the jelly after its made from the mould. Will give full credits to your blog in the photo.

On 12:55 AM , hoangtam/tt said...

Hi Gina,

yes, of course you can use my picture.

On 2:42 AM , Anonymous said...

am really happy to have found your website. I have started experimenting on making agar agar jelly cake and found out that my coloured layer seem to always bleed into my white layer.I never thought that using cream of tartar or lemon can prevent it from running. Do i only added these to the coloured agar agar? Do i still need to put it in the white coconut mixture?Greatly appreciated if you could help me. thank you


On 3:06 AM , Anonymous said...

Just wondering do i only add the lemon/cream tartar to the coloured agar agar to prevent the colour from running?how about the white coconut layer?do i still need to add it in?Thanks..

On 3:02 AM , TOAN HUYNH said...

Hi Hoangtam//tt:
We are very interesting in Fish mould when you fill up with mixture Agar Agar jelly and water. Where do we buy fish mould?

On 1:20 AM , hoangtam/tt said...

Hi Toan,

I got the mold in Vietnam. However, I've seen such molds in most Vietnamese grocery stores in the U.S.