For the lotus seeds:
-200g lotus seeds
-1 tsp lye water

*Soak lotus seeds in lye water and water until seeds expand. Wash and boil until soft.

For the Jelly:
-3 tbs agar agar powder
-1 cup water + some pandan juice for coloring

*Boil everything together until agar agar dissolves. Pour into a bowl and let sent. Grate into small strands.

For the syrup:
-200g rock sugar (adjust to your taste)
-200g water + 200g pandan juice
-1/2 tsp mali flavor

*Boil together sugar with water until sugar dissolves. Add pandan juice and boil once more. Remove syrup form stove and add mali flavor. Cool syrup compleatly.

Mix everything together and serve cold.

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