Đinh Hương, Cloves

Đại Hồi, Tai Vị, Ngôi Sao Nấu Phở, Star Anise

Quế, Quế Chi, Cinnamon

Thảo Quả, Cardamom Fruit

Xuyên Tiêu, Schezuan Peppercorns

Tiểu Hồi, Fennel Seeds

Hột Điều Màu, Annatto Seeds

Ớt Khô Miếng, Ớt Bột, Dried Pepper Flakes, Dried Pepper Powder


Nước Mắm, Fish Sauce

Mắm Ruốc, Mắm Ruột, Belacan, Shrimp Paste

Dầu Me, Sesame Oil

Giấm Ý, Balsamic Vinegar

Mắm Nêm, Fish Gravy (much much more pungent than nước mắm fish sauce)

Tương Ngọt, Hoison Sauce

Tương Ớt Chili Sauce

Dầu Hào, Oyster Sauce

**More to come.......

Comments (4)

On 1:14 PM , Anonymous said...

Hello tt,
Great ingredients pictorial guide you have on your blog. Btw, do you know where I can find schezhuan peppercorn in seattle? I have been looking high and low and cannot find them. Look forward to see more delicious recipes from you. Thanks.

On 7:22 PM , hoangtam/tt said...

I think for a while schezhuan peppercorns were not allowed into the U.S. (check this out: http://www.cyclingforums.com/t128819.html).
Don't know if the ban is over yet. But you can try finding it at chinese medicine stores (they have their ways of getting these things in ;)). Most of the stores speak Vietnamese, so just ask them for "xuyên tiêu". Good luck!

On 10:46 AM , Anonymous said...

Hello tt,
Thanks for the quick reply. I believe the ban is lifted except that the peppercorns need to be heat treated. Thanks for the tips and the vietnamese translation. I guess I will have to head to the International district then. Thanks. :)

On 12:54 AM , Anonymous said...

First time ever do I know the English version of these spices and even the actual look of some of them, though having heard of them years ago. Thanks a lot.