-200g bread flour
-50g wheat starch
-1 1/2 tsp yeast
-160g warm water
-1 tsp sugar
-1/2 tsp salt

What to Do:
Mix together flour, starch and salt. Dissolve yeast and sugar in water. Add water mixture to flour mixture and knead to form a smooth dough. Prove until doubled, punch down and prove again. Shape and fry. Makes about 5, 8" long yck's.

Comments (5)

On 9:16 PM , Anonymous said...

Hi TT,
Lily sent me over here to learn to make "yu char kway". I am impressed with your site, now I have somewhere to go learn Vietnamese cooking.

My question regarding this recipe is: what is the purpose of using wheat starch in the dough?

You also have another recipe using allum and baker's amonia, in your opinion which recipe produces the best flavor and texture? Thanks for your answer in advance.

On 10:15 PM , hoangtam/tt said...

the wheat starch helps makes the dough "ligher". I have another recipe for YCK that is made with alum and baking soda not ammonia. I prefer the alum & baking soda verion more. The reason is YCKs made with yeast kind of taste like like bread to me (because of the yeast).

On 2:59 PM , Anonymous said...

Hello, I'm wondering if wheat starch is the same thing as all purpose flour? Can we use the all purpose flour in place of the wheat starch? I can't seem to find wheat starch around here....I'm located in Kansas...thanks

On 3:52 PM , hoangtam/tt said...

wheat starch is not the same as all purpose flour. Since they're not the same, you can't use all purpose flour in place of wheat starch.

On 1:48 PM , Anonymous said...

160g water, how do you measure it?