Water Dough:
-300g flour
-75g shortening
-250g boiling water
-few drops red coloring

*Add boiling water into flour and stir until water is absorbed. Let dough rest until cool enough to handle and knead in the shortening and coloring to make a smooth dough. Divide into 12 portions.

Oil Dough:
-150g flour
-75g oil

*Add oil to flour, mix and divide into 12 portions.

-150g peeled and split mung beans
-150g sugar
-50g candied melon (optional)
-50g candied lotus seeds (optional)
-1 tbs koh fun
-2 tbs oil
-1 tsp mali flavoring (optional)

*Chop candied melon into small pieces. Rinse, soak and cook beans. Mash beans and add sugar, candied melon, and lotus seeds. Stir fry until thickened. Add oil, koh fun, and mali flavoring. Mix until combined, divide into 12 portions.

To make the pastries:
Use one portion of the water dough to wrap the oil dough. Roll, fold into 3rds and roll again, then use to wrap filling. Use a sharp knife to cut 3 lines across the top of the pastry to make a * mark. Deep fry until slightly golden.

Other fillings such as red bean paste, coconut, lotus paste, etc… can also be used.

Comments (4)

On 2:30 PM , Unknown said...


with the final rolling, before wrapping the filling, do you try to roll it into a circle or let it be a square?


On 2:59 PM , hoangtam/tt said...

it would be easier if you can manage to roll it into a circle, however, the dough can stretch so square or circle it doesn't really matter.

On 10:13 AM , Anonymous said...

What kind of flour do you use for this?

On 2:55 PM , hoangtam/tt said...

all purpose.

FYI...whenever a recipe any recipe just says "flour" it usually refers to all purpose flour.