Water Dough:
-150g All purpose flour
-50g water
-50g oil
-1 tbs wheat starch

*Mix everything together to make a smooth dough, rest 1/2 hour and divide into 12 portions.

Oil Dough:
-50g flour

*add oil into flour slowly to make a “dough” (about 2-3 tbs of oil). Divide into 12 portions.

-100g sugar
-200g water
-75g koh fun
-80g sesame seeds
-50g candied wintermelon (tong dong kwa)
-50g almonds
-2 tsp almond extract (optional)

*Toast sesame seeds and almonds. Cut candied melon into small pieces. Mix everything together, rest for ½ hour and divide into 12 portions.

**Take a portion of the water dough and use it to wrap one portion of the oil dough. Roll, fold and roll to make a flaky crust (like making puff pastry). Then wrap a portion of the filling. Is a spatula to “flatten” the cake. Brush with egg wash, and sprinkle on some sesame seeds on top. Use a knife to cut a little slit to steam out when baking. Bake at 350’F until golden.

Comments (2)

On 6:53 PM , Anonymous said...

hi! I've been following some of your post and recipes and you have an awesome site!!! Just out of curiousity...why use oil instead of shortening for the skin? Some other recipes that use the 2 type of doughs use the shortening. Does this make it more/less flaky or soft? thanks!!

On 2:34 PM , hoangtam/tt said...

The flakiness comes from the method of making the dough not the ingredients.
Using oil gives the pastry a more tender curst. If you want it "crispy" than use shortening. Don't be afraid to experiment...it's the best way to learn.