Traditionally this condiment was made with lard thus gives it the name “Mở Hành”. Mở means lard and hành means onion. These days the lard is replaced with oil. Onion oil is used as a condiment in a wide range of Vietnamese dishes.

-1 bunch green onions
-3-4 tbs oil
-1/2 tsp salt

What to Do:
Wash and chop onions. Heat oil and salt in a pan; add onions and stir for a few seconds and remove from heat.

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Maybe you should take photo while the onion leaf is still green in oil. It must be more beautiful ;-)

On 9:42 PM , hoangtam/tt said...

thanks for stopping by, nice blog :).

On 5:40 PM , BuddingCook said...

does it matter what type of oil?

On 12:27 AM , hoangtam/tt said...


On 10:37 AM , Anonymous said...

good thing is to do contrary. Don't put onion in the pan but put boiled oil in the bowl having onion.