If you’re from Seattle chances are you’re probably visited Dick’s a few if not countless times. The burgers and shakes (especially strawberry shakes) are absolutely yummy!

With a couple locations around the Seattle area, their food is not only delicious but cheap and fast, making it a popular place to visit.

Recalling my first time experiencing their food….I was summer in the mid 90’s. My cousins from Tacoma had gotten summer jobs in Seattle and stayed at our house while they worked. They worked the evening shift and came home close to midnight, and hungry. My brother and I were night owls…. school was out there was no point in going to sleep early. Sure enough, nearly every night our cousins would walk through our front door and asked “guys hungry?” We were never really hungry but the answer was always “yeah” as we knew this answer was our ticket to go out for some midnight munchies.

We all packed into the car and drove off in search of a place to still open and willing to serve. Our house was and still is 3 mins from Chinatown, so seeking a place that opened late wasn’t much of a challenge. Many of the restaurants in Chinatown didn’t stop serving until around 3 a.m. But we were tired of Chinese food so we decided to try something different and instead of taking the same familiar path to Chinatown, we went the other direction towards Broadway which is where we spotted Dick’s. It was love at first taste! Their shakes are sweet and creamy; their burgers are juicy and flavorful. They’re also open really late, making it the perfect place to visit when you get that midnight craving for a shake or burger.

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On 6:58 PM , Anonymous said...

hmm..too bad they dun have it here, else I would get to have a taste of the burgers & shakes!

On 5:10 PM , Anonymous said...

Wow, we sort of have a place like in San Diego, it called In-N-Out, in which you can find the freshest burger and fries and the creamiest shakes on earth.

On 10:43 PM , Anonymous said...

in-n-out burger is not that good.
the burger is too dry and small.
fries are too soft.