A (Shell):
-200g tapioca pearls
-80g tapioca starch
-130g water
-130g sugar
-250g grated coconut
-a few drops of mali flower essence or pandan juice (optional, if using pandan than replace water with pandan juice)
-1/2 tsp borax (optional)

*Rinse and soak pearls for a couple hours or until soft. Mix everything together, add coloring if you want.

B (Filling):
-100g peeled mung beans
-100g sugar
-2 tbs oil
-a few drops mali flower (optional)

*Rinse and cook beans, mash add sugar and oil. Stir fry until thickened add mali flower. Cool and divide into 20-25 portions and flatten slightly.

What to Do:
Put 1 tsp “A” into mould, add 1 portion “B” and cover up B with some more A. (hope I’m making sense). Steam for about 10 mins or until they become transparent.

Comments (2)

On 7:47 PM , Anonymous said...

mhh.. must I suppose that you cannot do this cake if you don't have a mould then?

On 6:10 PM , Anonymous said...

I used those little tin foil mould they sell at the dollar store. They work awesome, but not as pretty as yours. Where could I get that shape of mould? My local asian market doesnt sell it, unless I somehow missed it. I looked in the houseware aisle.