First off I would like to thank everyone for your support. Your encouragement and kind words became the fuel that powered me to decide upon entering the contest. So what are the results? I entered six classes and won ribbons in all six. That translates to four second places, one third place and one honorable mention. No first place…but for a first timer entering a contest with arrangements put together in a hurry (6 in about 3 hours), second place is pretty good… at least that’s what I’m telling myself. Lol! Anyways, thanks for all of your support and encouragement everybody couldn’t have done it without you. Cheers!

Class 1860: Design of Chrysanthemum; 2nd place

Class 1863: Design of Mixed Flowers Valued Under $30; 2nd place

Class 1864: Design of Mixed Flowers Valued Over $30.00; 2nd place

Class 1868: Novelty Design Using a Container other than a Vase or Basket; honorable mention

Class 1871: Fresh Wedding Bouquet; 2nd place

Class 1874: Corsage; 3rd place

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On 6:45 PM , Anonymous said...

Hi TT,

"CONGRADULATION" So! who has gain and who has lost?

I'm pretty sure that You were proud to stand beside the professionals rather than them standing beside you, when the result was announced. Check me if I'm wrong. I presume now you know how good you're with flowers.

Looking at your display, I reckon you should consider a career on this. Anyway keep up the good job and may you have lots of fun and a good future with flowers.


On 8:41 PM , Askazombiehousewife said...

I am so glad you entered :-)
Fortune favours those who try.
I say that when I have yet to cook one of the lovley dishes on your blog. MMM need to get a scale :-)

the honorable mention ones and
Class 1864: Design of Mixed Flowers Valued Over $30.00; 2
the wedding one was so cute as well.

On 11:02 PM , rokh said...

hey im late to give you encouragement to join but it seems you do not need mine. your designs looked fabulous! well done.

On 4:20 AM , Anonymous said...

Congrats tt. Your creations are really great.


On 4:21 AM , Anonymous said...

Congrat tt. Your creations look fabulous!!

On 5:30 AM , zenmasterkha said...

Congratulations! Those flowers are so beautiful and you the champion in my book.

On 12:00 PM , lance said...

Congrads TT!!!!! Glad you went for it. 6 arrangements is 3 hours!!!! That's amazing!!!! And they're all beautiful!!!! Can't imagine how much more creative you'd get if you had time to prepare. You sure work good under pressure. The experience must have been awesome.

On 3:06 AM , Anonymous said...

wow! well done :)

On 1:02 PM , Anonymous said...

Congratulations!!! I'm glad you've decided to enter the contest. The arrangements are beautiful.


On 2:23 PM , Anonymous said...

Congratulations, tt! How exciting for you. - jcheng

On 7:53 AM , Anonymous said...

I know you're heard this a million times already, but congrats!!!!!! What an accomplishment!

On 2:29 PM , Unknown said...


i know you can do it.

good job buddy

keep up the good work

On 6:29 PM , Edith said...

Fantastic and congratulaton. I am so happy for you.

On 11:52 AM , jadepearl said...

Congrats!!!! so happy for ya!!! Its beautiful!!!

On 2:12 AM , Zurynee said...

Congratulations !!! The flowers are beautiful. Keep up the good work *thumbsup*

On 5:48 AM , Aunty Yochana said...

Congratulations tt. Your flower arrangement are so beautiful. Keep up the good work.

rgds. yochana

On 9:09 PM , hoangtam/tt said...

thanks everyone! :D