It's been a while since i've post a recipe or anything at all. Those of you wondering what happened... don't worry nothing happened at all I've just been very busy with the floral competition, mooncake orders, and school. Anyways, what's official? My major....I officially declared Drama as my major as of yesterday. Those of you closest to me know I've be seriously lost when it comes to pinpointing where I want to go in life. I've decided to pick Drama to be my major. Why? It's fun! You get to design costumes, lights, act and read lots of juicy plays. My passion for cooking is still there and I plan to continue onto culinary school after I get my BA from UW. However, at this point I'm also considering staying at UW a bit longer to get a master's degree so I could teach. *thinking* *thinking* Should I? I'm just going to take life one step at a time.... hehheeh

p.s. if you're waiting for a new recipes...hang tight they're ready to go I just have to post them...soon

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On 12:17 AM , Askazombiehousewife said...

You could combine drama with cooking as in dinner theater or write novels with recipes like the novel Like Water for chocolate. I think she picked the wrong guy and wasn’t happy with the books ending by the way.

I am waiting to buy a new foodscale
to try out your recipes.

On 5:18 AM , FooDcrazEE said...

all the best in your choice dude..not sure abt drama but u have decided, so, the best of luck wish to u

On 9:55 PM , forever said...

Hey, you are so of luck in everything you any chance you will post the mooncake recipes soon? would love to make some with different fillings.

On 11:25 PM , Anh said...


Follow your dream! Young and Wild, surely you can achieve a lot in your life! :)

Good luck with everything!

On 1:46 AM , Edith said...

Chase that dream of yours. Congratulation and all my best wishes to you.

On 7:51 AM , Anonymous said...

Just visited your blog through Pusiva's blog. Very impressed on your floral work! Mooncake? wow can't find any in the stores here :(

On 2:55 PM , Unknown said...


follow your heart and best of luck. which ever path you choose, i know you will give your best. i am sure your parents are proud of you. i am.