-1 recipe basic agar agar jelly
-1 tsp pomelo/mali flower flavoring
-5 pandan leaves
-1 can jackfruit with toddy palm seed
-phổ tai (dried seaweed)

What to Do:
Open and drain the fruit. Rinse and soak seaweed in water to hydrated; cut into thin strips. Boil pandan leaves with agar agar and water (follow recipe for basic agar agar jelly). Arrange the fruits and seaweed into mini tart moulds, add pomelo flower flavoring to agar agar and ladle the liquid into the moulds over the fruits and seaweed. Allow to set and serve cold.

Comments (2)

On 9:12 PM , Kelly said...

hi chi! this jello looks really good. I was wondering where i could buy the pomelo powder or what other ingredient i could use for it?

On 11:57 PM , hoangtam/tt said...


pomelo flower extract can be found at asian grocery stores, if not available you can sub jasmine extract (aka mali extract).