There are two ways to make this dish, Vietnamese style and authentic Thai style.

-1 can longan
-1 can jackfruit with toddy palm seed
-1 jar of coconut jelly (nata de coco)
-1/4 cup phổ tai (dried seaweed, optional)
-1/2 cup corn (if making Thai style)
-1 tsp pomelo/mali flower flavor (if making Thai style)
-1 tsp powdered agar agar
-1 cup water or pandan juice
-pandan flavoring (if using water)
-fresh milk or cream

What to Do:
Boil together agar agar with water and pandan flavoring or pandan juice. Pour mixture into a shallow pan and allow to set before cutting into small pieces. Nuke corn in the microwave for 3 mins and cool. Rinse and soak seaweed in water, cut into thin strips. Open longan, jackfruit and toddy palmseed, can coconut jelly cans and drain 1/2 the water in each can. Finally, mix everything together and add milk or cream to taste, serve cold.

Comments (2)

On 7:12 PM , Anonymous said...

Thanks tt, this was a very good recipe.

On 1:13 PM , Unknown said...

heres an easy way :

canned fruits (jackfruit, toddy palms seed, longan)
half & half OR coconut cream OR milk
fresh fruit (watermelon and cantelope are my favs)

add canned fruits and syrup into a bowl, shred the jackfruit into smaller pieces.
add half and half or coconut cream and the diced fresh fruit.
mix, DONE!
if its too sweet, add a little bit of water (to each serving since everyone has their own sweet tooth) and add ice when serving if everythings warm.