My dearest friends and visitors…….I need your honest opinion. I'm getting cold feet. I’m pondering if I should or should not enter a floral design contest coming up really soon. I don’t consider myself to be a competitive person and…I just don’t think I have what it takes (I’ll be competing with professionals). To everyone who have seen my work…and “know” me what do you think? Should I or should I not? Do you think I can do it? I’m seriously considering not entering… The contest is this Tuesday... should I?

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On 12:36 AM , Anonymous said...

go for it!

On 3:38 AM , Anonymous said...

go for it.
It's better to live than regret afterwards, that u have never tried. =) Good Luck !!!

On 5:21 AM , zenmasterkha said...

I am one of your readers and I think you are very good with your presentations. Life is so short so go for it.
Win or loose is not important.
You will enjoy the time you do it.
Good luck.
David Kha
PS... may I use your recipes in one of my blogs?

On 5:49 AM , Edith said...

I seconds amonymous, GO FOR IT. you got nothing to loose. Who knows, you might win the first prize my friend!

On 7:00 AM , Anonymous said...

I agree. I've seen the photos that you posted and they are beautiful!!!


On 9:56 AM , Askazombiehousewife said...

I say do it. You are not there just to win but to show your work.

I’ve entered writing contests I knew I’d never win. I finagled for some and it was a wonderful bonus I would never had if I just gave up.

I entered a foot race and came in dead last. Next year I want to move that up to be second to last.

On 12:33 PM , Anonymous said...

Hello there,
How can you win if you don't show up???

Just go there and have some fun, and you might win or at least you meet new people, learn new techniques and you never know what ever else going to happen.

Thanks for all your recipes and pictures.


On 1:37 PM , Anonymous said...

I would say the same thing. Go for it! Don't worry too much about winning or not, as long as you enjoy it, that's what important.

On 10:43 PM , Anonymous said...

Hi TT,
You have nothing to lose but all to gain by joining the competion. How would you know how good you are if you don't compete.

Even if you lose in the competion, you'll win lots of experience and be ready for the next one. This is the best way to check and improve your own talent.

I reckon the professionals at the contest will have to scracth their heads when they see you at the competition. Why? because they are the ones that have lots to lose if you end up winning. Right?

Now, do you think you should?

Your regular reader with your blog in my favorites.

On 10:49 AM , lance said...


Go for the experience. You're a winner anyways.