Look what I got! I was buying tofu at Northwest Tofu to prepare the vegan dishes to celebrate New Years and they gave me these Fatt Kohs. The cakes are slightly sweet, light and very fluffy. The interesting this is they used mini pie pans as moulds (wide and shallow). I used to think the moulds have to be tall and narrow to have smiling fatt kohs but I guess I was wrong. The best part is there is no “strange” taste leftover from the high amounts of leveners often used to encourage smiling. Absolutely delicious!

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On 5:36 PM , Anonymous said...

My mom used to make these using those plastic containers that were used for packing takeouts...she used baking powder and some 7-up soda to encourage the opening up, amazing :)

On 12:08 AM , hoangtam/tt said...

were those containers "flat"? I always thought the moulds had to be deep and narrow for fatt kohs to smile.