Gỏi Cuốn’s sister this dish is pretty much the same as gỏi cuốn except the rice paper is replaced with hot broth from cooking the meat and prawns.

-1/2lb pork belly
-1/2lb prawns
-rice vermicelli
-beans sprouts
-fresh assorted herbs
-Chinese chives
-fresh coconut juice or water

What to Do:
Boil prawns and pork in coconut juice, add salt to taste. Slice pork into thin slices. Peel prawns and slice in half. Cook and drain rice vermicelli. Add noodles in to a bowl, followed by pork and prawns. Ladle on hot broth and garnish with chop chives. Serve with cooked bean sprouts, and fresh herbs.

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On 9:18 PM , Anonymous said...

I get an error when I go to your website:


On 10:16 PM , hoangtam/tt said...

what exactly happens? Can't you just click ok and move on to view the site?

On 4:09 AM , Anonymous said...

Anh ơi ,bún gỏi già nhất định phải có
-Tương hột giã nhuyễn
-Đậu phọng rang vàng giã nhuyễn
-Me chua