Đồ Chua is basically just pickled veggies. Literally translated, Đồ Chua means "sour stuff" as đồ basically means stuff and chua is the word or sour. 99% of the time đồ chua is made with either carrots or daikon. Very frequently used as a condiment in many Vietnamese Dishes, this is a must have for any Vietnamese kitchen.

-2 carrots
-1 small daikon
-4 tbs sugar
-3tbs vinegar
-1/2 tsp salt

What to Do:
Peel, wash and shred or julienne carrots and daikon. Add sugar and mix until sugar is dissolved, mix in vinegar and salt.

Carrots and daikon can also be carved into flower, butterflies, etc… and be made into do chua. The fancy version is usually added into fish sauce to spice up the sauce’s appearance and gives the diners something to much on to complement their food.

Comments (4)

On 1:36 PM , rokh said...

corry to ask, but what kind of vinegar?

On 4:50 PM , hoangtam/tt said...

use white vinegar.

On 5:03 AM , Thy Thy said...

hi, but the vinegar we have here (Italy) has different taste we have in Vietnam. it is quite strong and sharp taste. Any trick to treat?

On 8:46 PM , Anonymous said...

Hello Thy Thy
If your vinegar is so strong, so just add a little bit more water. It is OK. Good luck!