-1lb top sirloin steak or any other tender cuts of beef
-1/3 tsp 5 spice powder
-2 tsp ketchup
-1/2 tsp each: pepper, salt, soy sauce
-1 tsp sugar
-chili paste (optional)
-2 tbs butter
-3 cloves garlic
-1/2 large onion
-lettuce, tomatoes

What to Do:
Cut beef into dice size cubes. Marinate with 5 spice powder, ketchup, salt, sugar, chili paste, pepper and soy sauce for at least an hour preferably overnight. Peel onion and cut into wedges. Wash lettuce and tomatoes toss with a basic vinaigrette (vinegar, sugar, oil, pepper) and arrange on a plate. Mince garlic and fry until fragrant in butter, add beef and onions. Stir fry on high heat until onions begin to turn transparent. Pour beef over salad.

Beef and onions should both be “medium rare”.

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