Although called “baby jackfruit” gấc is not a related to the jackfruit (mít) family at all. It is only called baby jackfruit because it resembles a small jackfruit. A Gấc fruit grows on vines and has reddish-orange flesh which is used as a natural food coloring. You can usually by Gấc in the frozen section of well stocked Asian markets. If gấc is unavailable just dye the rice with orange and red food coloring, omit the wine. Because of its lovely red color, this type of xôi (steamed sweet rice) is usually served during wedding celebrations.

-300g sweet rice (aka glutinous rice)
-100g sugar
-100g coconut milk
-1/2 tsp salt
-50g baby jackfruit flesh (Gấc)
-1 tsp cooking wine
-grated coconut, sesame seeds

What to Do:
Wash rice until water is clear. Mix baby jackfruit flesh with wine, add to rice and mix well, add water to completely cover the rice. Water level should be about 1 inch above the surface of rice. Soak overnight or a few hours. Drain and steam rice. While rice is steaming boil together coconut milk, salt and sugar to make coconut syrup. Mix steamed cooked rice with coconut syrup, rest for 15-20 mins before moulding. Serve with grated coconut milk and sesame seeds.

Trái Gấc (Baby Jackfruit)

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On 5:58 PM , Anonymous said...

Hola TT (some call me TT too hehe )
Well, I love XOI (especially when my Mom makes Xoi Gac^^) so I had all ingredients from your recipe on my mini kitchen table except... the GAC (ok the wine too)haha. I couldn't wait and so I just added Pandan Paste, yupp TT says 'Play with your Food' so let's do it lol. Finally I boiled the leftover coconut milk with lil salt and dipped my Green Pandan Xoi Balls in it. It tasted really good to me... I think xD
However, I truly like your Blog with all the nice pics and recipes - and so many yeh - just a huuuuuuge CAM ON from me!