These fishes are dipped in a salt solution and steamed in a baskets right on the fishing boats to ensure freshness. Since they’re already steamed you can eat it as is or fry it for more flavor. You can usually find these fishes in the frozen section of most Asian grocery stores.

-1 basket of steamed fish (usually 2 fishes)
-3 cloves garlic
-1 tsp oil
-1 shallot

What to Do:
Wash fishes and pat dry with a paper towel. Mince garlic and heat oil. Fry fishes in oil until slightly golden. Add garlic and continue to fry until garlic is golden and fragrant. Serve with thinly sliced shallots and a bowl of hot rice….perfect meal for a rainy day.

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On 9:47 AM , Unknown said...


i love this fish. i will just pan fry and eat with plain congee - that's the hokkien/teochew way

On 9:09 PM , Anonymous said...

oh tt, you bring back my childhood memory of eating this type of steamed fish. Hardly see this anymore. Even have, as you mentioned, they are sold cold. When I was young, we could go to the market to get the steamed fish, prawns and squids to go with plain porridge. So fresh and yummy. I love to eat this fresh, the most dipped into brown bean sauce or dark soy sauce. We only pan fry it there are left over the next day.