This is one of those “cooling” dishes….used to flush out impurities in the body.

-150g whole mung beans (not peeled and split kind)
-5 cups water
-30g dried seaweed
-rock sugar
-pinch of salt
-coconut milk (optional)

What to Do:
Rinse beans and soak for at least 1 hour (the longer you soak the faster they will cook). Cook beans in water with salt until tender and cracked. Add sugar to taste and simmer for another 15 mins. Add more water if needed. Meanwhile, soak to hydrate seaweed and wash a few times, drain and add to beans. Add coconut milk if you please and bring the mixture back to a boil. Serve hot or cold.

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On 9:50 AM , Unknown said...


i made a big pot of this soup for our last potluck. i omitted the seaweed but added sago instead. The seaweed(kombu) is very good for any beans, it prevents flatulence.