-2 large young coconuts
-1lb prawns (approx.)

What to Do:
Chop off the “caps” of the coconuts and drain the juice. Wash and drain prawns. Arrange prawns inside the coconuts. Boil coconut juice with a pinch of salt. Ladle juice back into coconuts to completely cover the prawns. Steam immediately over high heat for about 20-30 mins. Serve hot.

If fresh coconuts are not available, use frozen or canned coconut juice and steam in a bowl.

Comments (3)

On 12:38 AM , Unknown said...


when i was in malaysia in 2004, i ate this dish in a vietnamese restaurant and it was delicious. They serve the prawns hanging around the rim of the coconut. i did not have a recipe but i did try making it and it turned out ok. i added some wine to the soup.

On 12:00 AM , hoangtam/tt said...

if the prawns were hanging around the rim of the coconut then did they have the coconut flavor?

On 1:34 PM , Unknown said...


i am sorry, the prawns were cooked in the coconut juice. they are hanging at the rim for garnishing and presentation only