Traditionally, this desert is thickened with tapioca starch which makes it almost too heavy to be served as desert. In my modified version the starch is omitted for a lighter texture.

-pomelo rind
-4 tsp salt
-200g mung beans (peeled and split)
-1 ½ liters/6 cups water (approx.)
-sugar (to taste)
-coconut milk/cream (to taste)
-pomelo flower/mali flower flavoring
-sesame seeds

What to Do:
Slice white part of pomelo rind (discard the outer “green” rind) into chop stick size strips about 2 inches long. Mix 4 tsp salt with 250g prepared pomelo rind and rest for 15 mins, before washing it many times to completely remove the saltiness and squeeze dry. Wash, soak and boil mung beans until in water until tender. Add sugar to taste followed by the addition of the pomelo rind. Bring the mixture to a boil, add coconut and mali flavor (all flavors: mung beans, pomelo, coconut, and mali flavor should be even). Serve hot garnish with toasted sesame seeds or cold over ice (as a beverage).

Comments (2)

On 11:41 AM , Anonymous said...

How do I get pomelo rind?

On 2:19 PM , Anonymous said...

It's the white part between the green and the fruit. If you peel a thin layer of the green part, you will see a white, a little pinkish layer inside. :)

Btw, Tam, you are awesome!