This treat definitely represents the touch of French influence in Vietnamese treats. Like any yogurt, to make this you need a starter which is really just plain yogurt. However, unlike most yogurts which are usually made with fresh milk, Vietnamese yogurt differs in the fact that it is made with sweeten condensed milk. Although fresh milk will work just fine in this recipe, the sweetened condensed milk is what gives Vietnamese yogurt its "Vietnameseness". This is a traditional recipe. By that I mean the fermentation process does not require a yogurt maker.

-1 can sweetened condense milk
-1 can boiling water (measured using the milk can)
-2 cans cooled boiled or filtered water (measured using milk can)
-1/2 cup yogurt (Starter)
-wash and dried baby food jars (or any container you may have)
-boiling water
-large container with a lid

What to Do:
Empty milk into a large bowl and stir in boiling water until milk is dissolved. Stir in the cooled water and the yogurt goes in last. Stir well and fill mixture into baby food jars, and close them with a lid. Arrange yogurt jars into a "container" (container should be large enough so that the yogurt jars can fit in one layer). Pour boiling water over the jars until the water level comes up to right around the lid of the jars but not covering the jars. Place lid on container tightly and leave to ferment'll have fresh yogurt in the morning.

Preferably use Vietnamese yogurt which buy at most Viet delis as your starter. If you don't live by one...just use plain yogurt from the supermarket...but remember to read the label and buy the most natural yogurt you can find. After the yogurt ferments you save a jar to use as a starter for your next batch.

Madam Nguyễn Thị Hường (Gia Chánh Hoa Hường/Rose School of Home Economics)

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On 8:16 PM , Anonymous said...

i love this stuff!! =]

(says Jen)

(Jen would never be able to make it says Phil)

On 1:01 PM , hoangtam/tt said...

you should totally make this just to prove Phil wrong... lol

On 7:59 PM , Anonymous said...

really good.

On 11:57 AM , Anonymous said...

hmmm i was wondering.. before you put the yogurt into the water bath.. can u put the yogurt into a small little baggie instead of a jar? cuz i think it's more convenient with a bag instead of a jar or cup

On 1:11 AM , hoangtam/tt said...

why not try and find out? Play with your food!

On 7:00 PM , Anonymous said...

my yogurt comes out watery again. please help.

On 12:33 PM , Anonymous said...

My yogurt came out watery! It seperated.... the liquid is yellow, the yogurt is loose and floating on top while bigger globs of it are on the bottom. Did I do something wrong?

On 10:15 PM , Anonymous said...

after leaving it overnight you put it in a fridge for frozen or just put it in the fridge after doing it ?