-1 1/2lb rau muống
-1/2 large onion
-1 tbs sugar
-1 tbs vinegar
-rau răm
-1lb tender beef
-2 tsp fish sauce
-juice from 2 limes + sugar
-fried shallots

What to Do:
Pick leaves off ong choy and cut stems into approx. 3 inch long pieces. Wash, drain and shred into thin strips (use a sharp knife or special tool for shredding this veggie…which you by at most Vietnamese grocery stores). Slice onion into thin slice and marinate in sugar and vinegar for 15 mins, then squeeze out excess juice. Chop rau răm and fried shallots. Fry beef in a pan over high heat until golden but still rare in the center (like a steak). Afterwards, slice beef into thin slices and marinate with fish sauce, and lime juice and sugar (all flavors should be even) for 15 mins. Mix together shredded ong choy, marinated onions, marinated beef, rau ram and fried shallots, serve immediately.

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On 4:05 AM , Gracio said...

Hey TT! I stumbled upon ur blog from my blog pals & it's a really great food blog with yummy delicious food recipes! Keep it up! =)


On 12:27 PM , Anonymous said...

Yesterday was my first time on the site. You have great recipes and pictures. I think I found my favorite site. I've always wanted to learn to cook all the great Viet food. Now I have no excuse not to. I'm making pho today for the first time ever! Thanks a bunch and keep it up!