-1/4lb ground pork
-1 ½ pieces seaweed (kind used for making soup)
-6 cups water
-salt and sugar to taste
-1/2 tsp oil

What to Do:
In a pot stir fry pork in oil until fragrant, add water and bring to a boil. Skim surface and move the pot off the stove. “Grill” the seaweed sheets on the stove until fragrant and crackles. Bring the soup pot back onto the stove and add the seaweed. Wait until the soup comes back to a boil before serving, add salt and sugar to taste.

Comments (5)

On 7:30 AM , Edith said...

I heard from a late friend that seaweed is really good for hair. I think I must get some real quick coz' I am turning grey and balding!

On 12:31 PM , diddy said...

hi TT,
I just started my own food blog! Can I link mine to yours?

On 12:02 AM , hoangtam/tt said...

An "uncle" told me the other day that dandelion tea (from dried dandelions) is a great treatment for grey hair and overall health as it purifies the blood. I don't have any grey hairs yet and probably won't for a while ...but you can try :p.

congrats on you new blog. I would be an honor to have you link my blog to your's. :)

On 11:25 PM , Anonymous said...

hi Tam,
it should be "canh rong bie^?n", not "ro^ng". I burst into laugh at the title of this entry :)
Very nice cooking blog, and quite surprised when it turned out it was a 22yr old man :)

On 1:47 PM , Unknown said...

Hi Tam, Canh rong bien is our family favorite too. Sometimes we add cucumber slices or tomatoes. Your cooking blog is my favorite right now. Dino