This tea is made from a specific type of sugarcane used to “cleanse” your body of toxins or “hot energy”…kind of hard to explain in english terms lol. Anyways they’re sold dry in most Asian grocery stores prepackaged with the other required ingredients such as carrots, arrow root, and imperatae (which I believe is a verity of crabgrass). In Vietnamese terms, the sugarcane = Mía Lao, Carrots = cà-rốt, arrow root = sắn dây, imperatae = rể tranh. Imperatae is actually a type of grass weed that thrives in Seattle’s cool climate. I have no problem finding abundance of them right in my backyard.

-1 package of “Cane & Arrow Root Stock” (250g, see picture below)
-3 liters water (12 cups)
-100g rock sugar (adjust to your liking)

What to Do:
Rinse everything in the “Cane & Arrow Root Stock” package. Add water and simmer for a few hours (at least 2). Add sugar and serve hot or cold.

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On 9:56 AM , Little Corner of Mine said... this is how we cook it. Hahaha...

I saw this selling in my oriental store but had no idea what it is for.

Thanks to you, now I can buy and cook some to drink. :)