Traditionally meat floss is made from pork or fish, turkey meat floss is a “hybrid” of the traditional that my family makes with leftover thanksgiving turkey. The turkey in this recipe can be replaced with chicken, pork, or fish as the process is the same no matter what type of meat you use.

-Cooked Turkey Meat (preferably breast meat)
-fish sauce (to taste)

-a ceramic bowl
-a serving tray
-a wok

What to Do:
Shred the turkey with your fingers into chopstick size strands. Place shredded turkey on the serving tray (or a flat surface) and use the bottom of a ceramic bowl to “rub” the meat until its fine and fluffy (pick a spot, use the ceramic bowl to push down on the turkey and "twist" your arm).

Next, add fish sauce to taste and stir fry the turkey over medium-high heat until dry.

If thanksgiving turkey is not on hand, replace with roasted chicken that’s sold at the supermarket. Make sure there are no bones, tendons, fat, or skin in the meat being used. Whatever type of meat you decide on using, make sure its fork tender. The rough unglazed bottom of the ceramic bowl is what helps “fluffs” the meat, thus, ceramic is required, do not replace the bowl with something smooth (i.e. plastic or glass bowls). Serve with bread, rice, sweet-rice, congee, rice ribbon rolls, or use to make meat floss buns, etc….

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On 11:14 AM , Little Corner of Mine said...

Hi tt,

Will give your ceramic bowl trick a try in my next attempt.