Let's face it, all Buche de Noel is just a cake...like any other cake.  The only difference is that it's made during Christmas time and decorated to look like a log.  I got bored with the same old chocolate icing, scraped with a fork for the "bark" and meringue "button" mushrooms.

I've always believed that if you don't like something; change it. So I did.

Instead of making button mushroom with meringue, I made oyster mushrooms instead.

Yes, the powdered sugar was a bit of an overkill but hey....I was just Playing with My Food!

 I tempered some chocolate and brushed it onto a sheet of parchment...waited for it to set, then peeled it off...and made the cake bark. Arf! :D

If you're looking for the recipes they're here and here.  Have fun and Happy Holidays!

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On 5:40 PM , Unknown said...


lovely cake, too pretty to be eaten.

btw how come your date of posting was 1 year ago

On 1:49 PM , Unknown said...

OMG I love you and your love for food. be my friend!!!

On 9:47 PM , hoangtam/tt said...


where does it say that?