Introducing my newest project/blog:

Stop by when you have the chance and tell me what you think ;).


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On 3:35 AM , Anonymous said...

Hi, I'm very impress by your keeping the tradition alive. I wish you success in you mission.I am very interested in cultural handicrafts, food and traditional custom. I am a Malaysian Chinese, now living in Australia. I have learned a lot of Vietnamese recipes from my friends and your blog site. Thank you for sharing your recipes and keep the torch burning and all the best for your mission. Merry Christmas, cheers.

On 8:50 AM , Anonymous said...

Dear HT, I've been admiring your Playing with My Food blog, and now with your new ao dai project, I'm so proud of you. You are one gifted individual. Keep up the good work!

On 10:41 AM , Kristy said...

I' impressed with your new blog. The dresses are very nice. I missed your cooking....will you be cooking again? Thanks for sharing. Happy New Year!

On 6:39 PM , jadepearl said...

Impressive! :)

Happy New Year 2009! May the year of the Cow brings you more joy, happiness, good health, luck and prosperity!

On 1:17 PM , Beau Lotus 涟 said...

I may be visiting Saigon at long last, would you know where I could get myself tailored an Ao Dai in a short time?

On 10:31 PM , hoangtam/tt said...


I don't know of a specific shop to recommend but there are ao dai tailor shops all over Saigon....just take a walk and look for signs that say "ao dai".

Some shops also carry a selection of fabric and others don't (you can purchase fabric at any market in Saigon and take it to the tailor).

good luck and have fun!