Malaysia, Malaysia,, what a country! This year happens to be Malaysia's 50th independence anniversary, and there's so much celebrating on. Eye on Malaysia being a year long party is my first stop while visiting. They have a pretty impressive light show at night...see for yourself.

Not sure what these are called but they're sooo good. Can't resist must have a taste and snap a picture.

My most favorite are the green mangoes and the chayote. The perfect balance of sweet and sour with a crunchy texture. They're perfect to much on while watching the show.

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On 11:02 PM , Anonymous said...


Am a Malaysian living in Singapore. I love these stuff too. They are called "Jeruk" or pickles and I think you can pickle almost anything. If no one nags at me, I can just pop these jeruk into my mouth non-stop whole day.

Cool blog!


On 7:37 PM , Anonymous said...

The sour-sweet picked stuff in the picture is making my mouth watery. They looked delicious.