To some this dish may seem weird in the way it's served. This is one dish not two. What do I mean by that? It means you eat both the noodles and the salad at the same time, much like how you would eat rice with another food item. Think of the noodles are your "rice" and the salad is your "food item". In order to fully experience the unique flavors of this dish you must eat both the noodles and the salad at the same time.

For the Noodle Soup:
-Rice Vermicelli
-1 duckling about 4-5lbs
-rau răm (laksa leaves)
-dried bamboo
-fish sauce, pepper, sugar

*Cook vermicelli according to package instructions. Chop laksa leaves and cilantro. Boil duck add salt and sugar to taste. Soak bamboo overnight to hydrate. Boil bamboo for 5 mins; drain wash and reboil until tender. Once tender, shred bamboo into small pieces and stir-fry with fish sauce, pepper and sugar to taste. In a bowl, add vermicelli and stir-fried bamboo, ladle in duck broth and garnish with chopped laksa leaves and cilantro.

For the Salad:
-1/2 small cabbage
-duck meat (from making broth for noodles)
-ginger fish sauce
-fried shallots, chopped laksa leaves
-1 large onion + 1 tbs sugar + 1 tbs vinegar

*Shred cabbage, slice onions and marinate with sugar and vinegar. On a plate arrange cabbage, marinated onions, and sliced duck meat. Garnish with fried shallots and laksa leaves. Serve salad with noodles and ginger fish sauce.

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On 10:19 AM , Anonymous said...

I LOVE your blog - the best authentic receipes on the internet. Keep it coming !

On 2:25 PM , Anonymous said...

What a great blog. Thanks for all the wonderful recipes. Do you know the recipe for making the frosting (icing) that are used in Chinese bakeries for their birthday cakes? I can't find it anywhere.

On 3:15 PM , hoangtam/tt said...

this question has come up many times and my answere is I don't know. There are thousands of icing recipes out there and each bakery has their own recipe. This is why you can't find a recipe for "icing used in chinese bakeries" anywhere. There is no "basic" recipe that all bakeries use. There are thousands of chinese bakeries and thus thousands of recipe for icings.

On 1:15 PM , SteamyKitchen said...

An error occurred right after I submitted the comment, so I don't know if it came through! ugh! just in case, I was wondering if you knew the name of a Vietnamese dish that had little tiny 1/2" snails and a light creamy broth. You had to suck the snail really hard just to get the meat out. It took many tries before I could even get it right! I forgot the name of the dish. Thanks! Jaden

On 8:13 PM , hoangtam/tt said...

the name of the dish you're referring to is Oc Len Xao Dua.

On 10:36 PM , SteamyKitchen said...

Thank you!!!

On 12:32 AM , Victoria said...

I seriously enjoy reading your blog, have been doing so for a long time=)