-15g agar agar
-850g/ml water
-sugar to taste
-coconut juice
-100g mung beans
-1 tsp mali or pomelo flower flavoring
-3 pandan leaves (optional)

What to Do:
Boil agar agar in water until dissolved, add sugar to taste and pour into a cake pan to set; cut jelly into thin strips. Wash and cook beans until they’re tender but still able hold its shape. Boil together coconut juice, pandan leaves and sugar to taste for 10 mins, cool and remove pandan leaves. Mix together beans, with agar agar, coconut juice syrup and mali/pomelo flavoring. Serve cold.

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On 5:16 PM , Anonymous said...

Hi tt,
I'll be putting this on my to do list. Do you have a recipe for banh cong and banh kot?


On 8:58 PM , Anonymous said...

Hi tt, Pomelo flavouring is not available here. I cam get fresh pomelo tho. Should I add some in? Thanks in advance

On 12:18 AM , hoangtam/tt said...

please post recipe requests in one of the food forums I visit, there are alot more helpful people in there to answer your questions.

the recipe calls for pomelo flower flavoring, not pomelo flavoring, thus you cannot sub.

On 6:57 AM , Anonymous said...

What are the food forums that you visit and are they in English? (My Vietnamese is basically non-existed)

On 2:04 PM , hoangtam/tt said...

links are at the bottom of my blog. Even if the forum is in vietnamese, almost everyone there knows english.

On 10:52 PM , Anonymous said...

Hi hoangtam,Thank God you have this site in English. Your site has taught me how to cook various foods that I have been curious about in a very simple way. I was wondering if there are other English blogs for Vietnamese food that you know of? I was never taught how to read vietnamese so it is very difficult to decipher what the vietnamese blogs are saying. Can you please provide links and provide an English version of your Che Thai and the layered Agar-Agar. Thanks. My

On 11:49 PM , hoangtam/tt said...

i don't know of any other vietnamese food blogs in english. Since I don't know of any other viet food blogs in english I can't provide you with links to the recipes you asked for. It's never late to learn vietnamese... I had to learn it myself to read vietnamese recipes.

On 5:26 PM , Anonymous said...

Hi tt,
I couldn't find your food forum links on the bottom of your site; I remember seeing a post of a url somewhere on your blog so I searched and searched. I struck gold! :) I found one.( At least I can translate the ingredients; I'll break-out my dictionary for the directions.
Thanks for your time and help!