This is a Cambodian snack composed of glutinous rice flour, palm sugar and grated coconut. If you curious about the name… The story behind it is....once upon a time there was a newly wed couple. One morning husband went to work and the wife decided to make a treat for when her hubby returns. The husband returned just as the wife was done cooking the snacks. He quickly popped one in his mouth but it was still too hot and he ate too fast he started choking. However, he wanted look "manly" in front of his new wife so he acted like nothing happened and tried to swallow it down....sadly he didn't make it. Thus these snacks became known as husband killers.

-1 package glutinous rice flour (1lb)
-palm sugar
-1/2 coconut

What to Do:
Add water slowly to flour and mix to form a smooth dough that does not stick to you hands and can hold its shape. Break sugar into small pieces. Grate coconut into thin strips. Take a small piece of dough, flatten it and wrap a piece of sugar in the center. Boil rice balls until the float to the surface of the water. Remove to a bowl of cold water then to a colander to drain. Mix with grated coconut and serve.

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On 9:47 AM , Anonymous said...

hello HT ..
wow ba'nh sa't phu interesting ..I better give this a try :) since the name sound intriguing ..hihi thanks for sharing!!!!

On 3:00 PM , Anonymous said...

Hi HT,

Came across your blog by accident. Beautiful pictures and well-written recipes with stories (like this one). Thanks a lot for sharing your recipes. Your blog is now added to my favorites.

Although I am a Vietnamese, I've never had a chance to eat Banh Hoa Hong (Rose Dumpling)though had heard about it. This is the first time I see the pix from your blog. Nice.


On 7:24 PM , Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing the recipes!
But I'm not quite sure if this is the true story about this cake. I grown up in Cambodia for over 20 years and I ate this cake alda time but I've never heard of such story. And not to mention the name. The name supposed to be so sweet in our language