Dear Readers,

I was meaning to publish recent comments that were left by Visitors but accidentally clicked on the reject button instead of publish. Thus, if you posted a comment in the last week or two and don't see...please repost (if you want to).

While we're on the subject of've probably noticed that I usually ignore comments that are left by 'anonymous' posters. Reason being, I don't see why I should spend my time answering someone who doesn't even care enough to leave me their name! Why should I? I don't owe them anything...some people need to learn some manners.

Play with your food!

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On 11:15 AM , lilyng said...


I think i agree with you but perhaps anonymous is new to the computer.

On 11:28 AM , hoangtam/tt said...


I realize that some people are new to the computer, which is why I allow visitors to post under 'anonymous' (meaning they don't have to create a blogger/google account). However, if the person is capable of typing their question why can't they type thank your or their name at the end before submitting the comment?

On 7:56 AM , meme said...

I ALSO agree with you ...those who GIVE COMMENTS and those who ARE LOST IN THE RECIPes SHOULD alwAYS LeAVE THEir Name. TT, just to let you know thAT I'm A REGULar/ BIG Fan of your site and i thANK you very much FOR all of your recipes. i hAVE ONE REQUEST. I Was wondering if you might hAVE any recipes on COCONUT PRINTED Wafer roll with sesAME SEEDS...THANKS MEME

On 8:36 PM , Hoa Le said...

I love your five year plan. It inspired me to do a five year plan also. I just wanted to let you know that you were my inspiration for today! Have a wonderful evening and thanks for all the recipes. You are like a recipe book that I keep in the closet. My family is too impress with my cooking...I can't let them know it's you..haha..j/k honestly..thank you for the inspiration and recipes...

Thank you,
Hoa Le

On 3:04 PM , Kitchenaid said...

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cám ơn em. chị Kitchenaid.